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100 Uses for a Tagging/Basting Gun

100 Uses for a Tagging/Basting Gun

I will be narrowing down the entries to just 100 uses.  If you want to submit your idea for my consideration, you can do it here: Submit idea

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1. Create wearable art at a Las Vegas Gallery Atomic Todd. Click here to read about it.
Artist Robin Barcus
Baste a quilt together.
Becky H.
Attach a price tag to clothing.
Becky H.
Put the liner back up in my car when it falls from the inside roof.
Sylvia S.
Tack up hems or seams. (on clothing or draperies)
Jean P.
Attach camo fabric to hunting (duck) blinds.
Dave S.
Prevent chair cushion ties from coming off by tacking them on at the seams.
Laura C.
Tack antimacassars to the arms and back of your chairs and couches.
Laura C.
Take up loose elastic on visor in car.
Robert C.
Halloween costumes finished in a JIFF! Attach ribbons, bows, faux fur, ears and tails to any shirt or pants instantly!
Laura C.
Tack some fabric to your boxspring to make a bedskirt
Laura C.
Reattach tassles!!
Laura C.
Don't have time to reupholster covered chairs? Cut some fabric a bit larger than the seat, gather the corners together underneath and tack! Instant new cushion covers!
Laura C.
Store bought slipcovers a bit too loose in some places? Gather the extra fabric in small pleats and TACK for a snug fit!
Laura C.
Does your comforter slip around inside the duvet? Tack some inconspicuous seams or go bold and tack LARGE buttons in random places. When it's time to wash the duvet, simply untack
and wash.
Laura C.
Sort socks before you wash them -tag them together then wash and dry them and no missing socks anymore!!!!!
Darcy E.
Tack your kids gloves to their jacket cuffs and they won't get lost.
Robert C.
Secret Cash Stash. Cut out a piece of fabric and tack on 3 sides like a pocket to the inside of a thick curtain. Put it in a very inconspicuous place and stash your cash! No one will ever find it.
Laura C.
Use the tack gun to gather pleats when making a festoon or baloon valance. No one will ever see the tacks.
Laura C.
Tack your towel to your golf bag.
Robert C.
Make skirts to go around my bird cages so that seed doesnt fall out.
Nancy F.
Going on a long car trip with the kids? Tack a blanket across the back seat to catch loose crumbs and tiny toys.
Laura C.
Hate to throw out slivers of soap? Fold a washcloth in half and tack the along the edges of the long side and one short side. Collect the slivers of soap until almost full and tack the opening closed! Use as a washcloth for your bathing!
Laura C.
You could use this tool as a quick fix for a button that has popped off a blouse!
Jennifer G.
Tagging tents at a Boy Scout Jamboree so the troups know what tent is theirs.
Robert C.
Stop the wind from ruining your picnic and tack the corners of your tablecloth together snugly.
Ed B.
Use your basting gun to mount objects in a shadow box instead of gluing.
Jennifer G.
Tack appliques down for easy hand stitching later on.
Jennifer G.
When shopping with an infant, baste top of socks to pants. No more lost socks at the mall! Of course baste them without the baby in them!
Jennifer G.
Cut out designs in felt and baste them to curtains to easily change decor. Flowers, hearts and cars for a child's room. Fall leaves would be nice in the family room.
Jennifer G.
To help you tailor garments instead of bulky pins.
Jennifer G.
Baste a used/new pillow case onto a pillow for Fido's bed. When it needs to be laundered, cut fasteners. Wash and tack in place again.
Jennifer G.
Make morning less hectic and laminate index cards with the days of the week on them. Hang outfits in a childs closet together and baste the index tag on the clothing tag so they have outfits all ready marked to wear for school.
Jennifer G.
Can't get the clasp done on your necklace, or need to make it longer? Baste the chain lower to your shirt as an instant embellishment! Remove to launder. I've seen these shirts in
boutiques and they are pretty expensive. What a great way to change up a plain colored shirt.
Jennifer G.
Add some ribbons and bows to a doll dress to spruce it up and give it new life!
Laura C.
Do the cushions on your canopied swing set shift too much? Tack the edge of the pillow to the canvas swing cover and they will never move again.
Laura C.
Wondering if the fabrics you picked out for your quilt will work well together? Tack a few sample swatches together to hang on the wall and get a better idea of the mix.
Laura C.
Always losing the remote? Take a pocket from a worn out pair of jeans and baste it to a cloth placemat. Hang over the arm of your recliner or couch and always know where the remote is!
Jennifer G.
Baste fabric swatches or paint cards together to take to the store when you are purchasing bedding, window treatments,accessories.
Jennifer G.
For cute pillows, use fake roses, daisies, sunflowers, etc and baste onto a solid color pillow for a wow effect.
Jennifer G.
Help your toddler learn which shoe is left and which is right by tacking a little ribbon to the shoelaces next to the tongue.
Laura C.
Before putting winter accessories away, fasten mitten, hat and scarf sets to store them as a set.
Jennifer G.
Too many sewing projects? Baste the pattern envelope to your piece so you know what each piece is.
Jennifer G.
Baste a scarf to one of the shoulders on a suit jacket and add instant panache.
Jennifer G.
Roll fabric scraps, baste together to keep together and orgainze in a pretty basket until you need them.
Jennifer G.
Baste fake flowers to a little girl's cloth belt.
Jennifer G.
Baste jingle bells, buttons, pom poms or flowers to tennis shoe laces to give a different look. You could change it everyday!
Jennifer G.
Baste strings of sequins onto a small cloth purse. WOW!s
Jennifer G.
Tired of taping cards on the mantles of your home? Hang a wide ribbon from the curtains or a shelves and tack the cards onto the ribbons. They won't fall off again and your paint will not peel.
Laura C.
Tack your hunting license to the inside of your hunting vest.
Laura C.*
Tack a tail to a kite.
Laura C.*
Tack some toilet paper to the inside of your hunting vest. Never be stranded!!
Robert C.
No idea how to organize which veggie and flower seeds get planted in the spring or the fall? Tack the packets that need to be planted at the same time together to make it easier to keep them in order.
Laura C.*
Lots of pets? Forget which one you gave flea meds to or not? After application of the flea medicine, tack a ribbon on their color to help you remember not to give them a double dose.
Laura C.*
Write the lines for your part in the play on paper and attach a ribbon to one end. Attach the other end of the ribbon to your costume for easy access if you forget your lines.
Laura C.*
Want a lining for your basket? Tack some fabric on the inside for a quick pick me up.
Laura C.*
Pretty up a gift box by tying a ribbon around it and tacking some flowers, bows, or bells to the ends of the ribbons.
Laura C.*
Bell bottoms too wide? Turn them inside out and tack them a bit narrower. When bell bottoms are in style again, pull the tacks out.
Laura C.*
Baste squares of felt to make a book for your child. Then cut out shapes, animal and let them stick on the pages to make a storybook. Easily changeable to make a new story.
Jennifer G.*
Tattered stuffed animal? Baste it back together.
Jennifer G.*
Tag "I Love You" note on your significant other's jacket. <3
Jennifer G.*
Shoes keep coming untied? Double knot, then baste through laces to keep them together.
Jennifer G.*
Are you a shy guy who can't get a date? Write out some pick up lines on cardstock and tack into your jacket. Here is a line for starters. "You have the prettiest eyes!"
Laura C.*
Tack coupons together before you go grocery shopping so you don't lose them!
Jennifer G.*
Having a hard time getting your swag to hang properly? Get one side the way you want it and tack in place. Play with the other side until it looks right and tack. It can easily be put back the way it was after a washing.
Laura C.*
Ken's wardrobe gets dirty quickly, tack all his clothing together and thow in with your laundry. The toy clothing won't get lost.
Laura C.*
Make a moveable paper doll. Cut out and have the kids color 6 body parts; head, body, arms, legs. Make the arms and legs really long and include a neck on the body. Then tack the arms and legs and head to the body to make a moveable paper doll.
Laura C.*
Update the look of your lamps by tacking ric rac, lace, fringe or beads to the bottom edge of the lamp shade.
Laura C.*
Tag jelly jars for gifts and identification. Tie a pretty ribbon around the jar after canning. Type or print out ingredients, contents or kind words on cardstock. Tack to ribbon.
Laura C.*
Tack the ends together of 7 - 12" pieces of ribbon. Use one ribbon to tie around the neck of a clothes hanger. Use the remaining 6 ribbons to run thru belt loops and tie into bows. Now you can find and see all your belts at one time.
Laura C.*
If your braided rug or placemat is falling apart. Turn it over and tack the braids back in place.
Laura C.*
Box your gun, wrap it and give it as a gift!!!
Laura C.*
Dress shirt too big? Gather in back and baste together. Noone will ever know with a suit jacket over it!
Jennifer G.*
Dinner party? Write the name of each dish and tag it to the tablecloth in front of each one.
Jennifer G.*
Tag items around your house to help little ones learn the names of things.
Jennifer G.*
Got an old, ugly upholstered chair? Baste stuffed animals to it and redesign your kid's room. what kid wouldn't want that chair!?
Jennifer G.*
Jazz up an old bathroom toilet seat cover and floor mat. Attach foliage and flowers.
Jennifer G.*
Cut out bandannas for you pup from scraps of material. Baste the back together so its not too tight around Fido's neck.
Jennifer G.*
Does your couch slipcover need readjusting everytime you get up? Put it in place, tuck it tight and baste it to the back of the couch cushions and the sides.
Lisa S.
Always forget your shopping list at home or in the car? Fold it and baste to the end of your sleeve. (ialways leave mine in the car!!!)
Jennifer G.*
Cut out hearts for Valentine's Day and tag them together to make a heart banner for your Sweetie!
Jennifer G*
Take a stuffed monkey toy. Baste hands together so you can hang him from the bed post.
Jennifer G.*
Laminate recipe cards and tack together for a friend.
Jennifer G.*
Tack a note on your child's pillow from the tooth fairy! yay!
Jennifer G.*
Attach underwear to pants to keep them from crawling up your tushie.
Laura P.
86. For a party, cut out hearts or stars, write the guest name on them and tag them! Jennifer G.
attach matching pieces of baby clothing together (socks, bibs, hats, etc.) to bring to the local consignment shop for resale.
Angela B.
88. To copy a favorite garment, baste the back, fronts, sleeves etc. one at a time, to brown paper then use a pencil to outline the edges. Add your seam allowance and you have a perfect copy of the pattern.
Joe T.
89. Use to secure a scarf or ribbon on a straw hat.
Rochelle Temkin
90. Re-attach a Swing tag or Heart tag to a TY Beanie Baby
Becky H.


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